Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mr. Right.... Why isn't he appreciated

All day long you would hear that all men are dogs, trife, deadbeats, users, and abusers. Very little, to almost never do you hear that do you hear about the men who holds it down for his woman and family and takes care of his responsibilities and obligations, honest and respectful, and isn't in the streets, clubs, nor sexing multiple women.

What about those guys? They're labeled as boring, soft,lame, gay, poor, and unattractive. Why is that? In conversations amongst women you'll hear those words.

Just because something that isn't wrapped the way you feel it should be doesn't mean that is worthless or without purpose.

Why is it that the good guys receive either little to no credit? Why is it that the good guy gets looked over for the reverse opposite?

Whatever it is that either men/women are lacking, the other should have his/her backs (WORKING TOGETHER to cover one another). Atleast that's how it should be, but unfortunately, with most in this day in time is not the case.

Fellas, if being responsible and taking care of business, being respectable, God fearing, and doesn't have to be out in the streets de-valuing ourselves, means we're lame, soft, etc, then wear that hat, and hold your head high, because with the RIGHT woman, she will be pleased and will be there on your side no matter what as long as you uphold everything on your end

From The Soul Of A Man©

Show First.... Then Tell Her

Seduce her mind while making love to her heart. Make her feel the love she never thought she was capable of feeling. Show her what it's actually like to matter to a MAN. To be loved by a MAN. To be protected and treasured by a MAN. There are women out here that has never experienced a MAN. Grant her that opportunity and be her MAN

Monday, November 17, 2014

Time to bring back our men

Nowadays SOME men has become soft. Men use to recognize and relate to strength. Now SOME of those men have went from masculine to becoming soft and feminine. There was a point in time where every Man stood up and grabbed the bull by the horns and tackled everything that got their way. Now grant it, I AM NOT SPEAKING ON THE ENTIRE MALE POPULATION, BUT there's a lot of us that fall in that category. MAN'S responsibility is Religion, Family, and Himself. How can you knowingly and willingly call yourself a Man when you allow your woman to pick up your slack and maintain the relationship and household, all the while you're just sitting back and chilling and playing your video games, hanging with the homies, bumming money, etc while she's out doing what she's doing to maintain. Everyone has been in a situation.  Shit and life does happen, even to the best of us. But if you're comfortable chilling and kicking back while your lady is busting her ass, then you need to a 7:30 check. It's one thing to fall and get back up, dust off, and hop back on horse. But if you fall, and lay your ass down, and stay down, without even trying to get back up and waiting for her take care of you like she gave birth to you, then you're sad, pathetic, and sorry. It's time that ALL MEN TO STAND UP, AND BE THE MEN THAT THE DEITY YOU SERVE INTENDED YOU TO BE. Take up your thrown crown fellas. Strong men are getting exctint, and more are producing  guys that have more estrogen in them than testosterone

From The Soul Of A Man ©2014